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Winning brands have a real-time 360-view of their customer acquisition ("first sale") initiatives, understanding exactly how their website traffic delivers new customers: At CertainSource we collaborate with our clients, leveraging our CSeveryday platform to provide real-time actionable data across the integrated core competencies of "first sale" performance. Persistently working with clients, we provide marketing strategies and tactical recommendations to significantly impact their growth goals. Generating "first sales" is the life blood of consumer businesses, and the focus of CertainSource. By offering a combination of proprietary technology and managed services, our clients are well positioned to exceed their target "new customer" and "top performing new customer KPI's.
Platform Insights & Data Analysis

Platform Insights
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Marketing Strategy
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Media Planning & Procurement

Media Planning
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At CertainSource we collaborate with our clients to help them achieve their website customer acquisition goals. Our mission is to help marketers generate real results with real-time data and effectively using email to convert new to file prospects to customers.

Neil Rosen,
Founder CertainSource