About CertainSource

At CertainSource we're on a mission to help B2C brands overcome their biggest challenges - scaling their digital business profitably and cost efficiently. Historically, we began almost 20 years ago, as an email business, an ESP, working with B2C clients. and over that time we learned two things for certain:

B2C companies generate higher ROI from their customer email lists than any other marketing channel.
B2C companies are challenged to acquire new customers, build customer email lists and in general, drive more "first sales" cost effectively.

The CertainSource combination of proprietary technology that drives efficient "first sale" operations, and managed services that bring our twenty+ years of experience and expertise directly to our clients is what separates us from the crowd.

We not only know how to help B2C brands scale their digital business, but we work with our clients' hand in hand to make it happen, providing clear proof of results every step of the way. It is our commitment to every client, every day.

Our no obligation, in-depth, "first sale" efficiency analysis is a great we to get to know us and learn for yourself how we can become a game changer for your business.

Diane Petruzelli,
President CertainSource