The 3 Core Competencies
of "First Sale"


Email subscriber growth

There is an art to generating as many "new-to-file" email subscribers at your website as you can, without having a negative impact on direct sales. Our expertise and real-time monitor will take your program to the next level.
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Media optimization

Are you optimizing your media at the click source level for sources driving the most new-to-file revenue, the maximum number of new email subscribers, and the highest rate of repeat orders? Our real-time data and obsession with results will propel profitable growth.
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Prospect email marketing

What percentage of your new email subscribers convert within 90 days and what percentage of those subscribers buy more than once within those 90 days? You invest in building your email list, and understanding the metrics that drive prospect email marketing is critical to optimizing that investment.
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Why CertainSource?

Experience & Expertise

Experience & Expertise

So much data. So little time to analyze. Our clients look to us for guidance, and our team of true experts in "first sale" work hand in hand with them to exceed their goals.
Proprietary Technology

Proprietary Technology

CSeveryday is the only "first sale" focused optimization platform. Built over 5 years in collaboration with our clients, the platform offers real-time transparency and effectively uses email to convert prospects to customers.
Award Winning Support

Award Winning Support

We offer, hands down, the best peer-to-peer support in the industry, and have been recognized by iMedia for our efforts in achieving greatness for our clients.

Clients Served